Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween tweeting

Yay! Halloween has started to trend on Twitter. I'm brand new to Twitter so this is all fascinating and amazing. Tweets run the gamut from mommys talking about cutesy tooth fairy costumes for their kids to DJs promoting their dance nights and some people just outright slagging Halloween (my heart breaks).

Unfortunately, Twitter has preempted my own plans. I'm still torn between a 1930's newspaperman (fedora with press ticket) or as one half of a Jack-Meg White combo costume. Side note: I love group costumes. I have always dreamed of being part of a successful group costume. Some all-time favourites include a gang of four dressed as Hungry Hungry Hippos at the Rocky Horror Picture Show event at the Bloor when I was in high school. The group brought along a ball and played catch the whole night. Another fav was in third year university where three friends (a blonde, brunette and ginger) dressed up as Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. They proceeded to cast made-up, latin-sounding spells on each other at a living room dance party. A minuscule twig broom wound up, inexplicably, at my house a few days later. A couple in Vancouver I know are currently planning a lunch box costume where someone will be the physical carrying box, while other friends will be a sandwich or an apple or something. A group activity is the real perk of dressing up with someone else. This Jack-Meg idea might require us pretending to be siblings or actually playing an instrument.

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