Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anne and the perfect holiday

I'm not alone! My friend Anne shares my Halloween love. We decided it’s the perfect holiday. Think about it: what other holiday keeps giving back at any age? When you're a kid, you're rewarded for smearing red corn syrup on your face with a huge garbage bag full of candy. When you grow up, you can dress like a tramp and no one judges (well, not too much). And later on, when you have kids, it's still a gas. Below: Anne's reminiscences about Halloweens gone by.

“One year for Halloween, I was the ghost of Jim Belushi. I did it because all I had was this black blazer and fedora. So, I put on some pale face makeup and made it happen. Another good one was dressing up as the Happy Tree Friends with my sister. So I was this mortally wounded yellow bunny with little pipe cleaner ears that were attached to a headband, with yellow mittens and slippers. I pretty much was that bunny. My sister was the pink bear, also mortally wounded. In university, I dressed up as Thelma and Louise with a friend and we still went around for candy. A lot of the people at the door made fun of us: 'You’re just wearing a jean jacket, aviators and a name tag that says Louise. You could be anything.'

“We were serious about Halloween in my family with four kids. We had this huge big front entrance way with a veranda. Inside we used to build this castle of pop cans and give those away with chocolate bars and chips. One year my mom dressed up as a nurse with a huge syringe and my dad, who is white, dressed up as Ben Johnson. Oh man. I was impressed by that costume. I have other photos of him dressing up as a woman for Halloween and he took it serious: he got the biggest bra he could find and filled up these water balloons. He’s a fairly handsome guy, but he’s one ugly woman.”

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