Monday, October 19, 2009

Brainstormin' at Goodwill

My dad had a 60th birthday bash last Saturday. As always, he fretted and fussed over the preparations, meaning I was chained to the house running odd jobs for him. He's mellowed in his old age; this time around I did not find myself sweeping the sidewalk or hosing down the driveway as I was once forced to. By far the coolest errand I ran was driving his car (Alone! For the first time ever!) to Goodwill and dropping off some dusty old clothing and furniture. I felt so frigging cool getting out of that Volvo on St. Clair West and giving it a little "beep-boop" lock-up as I walked away. Once inside, well, I know a good opportunity to shirk work and scout out Halloween costumes when I see one. I took my sweet time getting back to the house.
What did I find!? Well, I must commend the Sally Ann and the Goodwill on St. Clair West for being the best second-hand shops in Toronto. The location puts it just off the radar of hipsters prowling through the Bloor-Lansdowne and Leslieville' Value Villages. Plus, there are some well-to-do neighbourhoods around this area, meaning it's not uncommon to find a Harry Rosen pencil skirt or Holt's blouse.
First, some classic Halloween pickings, such as this wonderful cap that looks straight out of DuckTales.
I'm happy I found this shield. It's comforting to know that in 10 or 15 years when (if?) I have kids, I can cheap out on their costumes by coming here.

Next, I stumbled upon this shirt. In an instant, I envisioned the most wonderful costume. This shirt paired with whiskered jeans (plenty of ass jewelery) along with snake skin cowboy boots and my hair styled into a David Beckham haircut. I would go as my worst nightmare.
There are always many, many kitschy ski hats to choose from. Buying a hat, a pair of snow pants and a parka would make a great standby costume. You could easily attach a branch to your front, spray yourself with some fake blood and go as an impaled skier.

Too many ideas! Not enough Halloweens!

Oh, and in other news, this article was sad, but also kind of perfect. How creepy if the body had still been out on All Hallow's Eve?!

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